Hello, I am Melissa Meador, the name behind Moments in Time Photography. I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, all of whom have been supportive of whatever I wish to do. I bought my camera and started taking pictures when my oldest daughter left for college. I wanted to find something to keep me busy, especially since my youngest daughter would also be leaving for school the following fall. It has been quiet a few years now since that has happened, and I still love capturing special moments.  I love every aspect of photography, from the planning of the session to the editing at the end, and everything in between. My passion is to create a true reflection of the person or persons’ soul. I feel a portrait should always create an emotion. Have you ever heard a song that takes you back to a certain place and time, where you felt the same feeling or emotion you felt back then? That is the feeling I intend for my portraits to depict. I want to capture that moment in time and after years gone by, when looking at those pictures, it takes you back, again, to those “Moments in Time”.