Allie Jayne is 2

March 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have been photographing Ms Allie since ever since she made her appearance on this earth.  She is a beautiful girl as you can see, and her parents are such wonderful people.  This winter Allie's parents found a lump on Allie which turned out to be Wilms Tumor.  CANCER SUCKS!!  There are no nice words to speak of this terrible thing that no one should ever have to experience.  I keep holding out for a cure for cancer, every kind of cancer.  But one thing I have learned is people with cancer are strong, brave and courageous, Allie is no different.  She has been a trooper with getting a long term IV access placed (Port-A-Cath) and all of the scans, tests and chemotherapy.  Allie has completed her first round of chemotherapy with great results, all the tumors have shrank in size by 1/2 to 3/4's.  She is on her second round of chemotherapy now, with an expectation of great results.  I loved photographing Allie just as she is now, and I was happy that this was important to the parents as well.  This is Allie Jayne in all her strength, courage and beauty.


579bw579bw 680b680b I came across this poem the other day and it reminds me so much of these parents.  I don't know who the author is but here it goes.

When life rearranges itself unexpectedly in front of you,

When familiarity and understanding vanish from beneath you,

When logic and reason are no longer able to explain away the events unfolding around you,

Hold onto Strength, Hope and Love inside you.

We continue to pray for Ms Allie Jayne, as well as her parents Keith and Kelsey.



Such a heart touching story. CANCER SUCKS!!!! It does not discriminate on who will be its next victim a small chil, a teenager, a man,a women young or old no one is has immunity from this horrible disease. My thoughts and prayers are with this family and many others who are fighting to kick cancer's butt!!!!! God Bless❤️
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